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Housekeeper Insurance

Zurich Housekeeper insurance provides comprehensive protection for you and your maid 24 hours a day.You can rest assured you/your maid will be getting all-round solid protection from one of the leading and largest Insurers in Malaysia and at very good rates.

Yes, SenangNVS Sdn.Bhd is a registered agent of Zurich General Insurance Company Berhad under agency code: D15635-000.

Housekeeper insurance protects the welfare of foreign maids. It also helps employers ensure that they are able to foot the medical bills in case the maids require hospitalisation, and in the worst scenario, the insurance pay-outs provide for the maids’ families.

The benefits include personal accident insurance, repatriation expenses, hospitalization and surgical expenses, weekly benefits ( maximum 15 weeks), and vicarious liability.

It covers accidental death, permanent disablement, repatriation, hospital surgical and weekly benefits. In addition, we also cover your Vicarious Liability to third parties (for bodily injury or damage to property) arising out of your maid’s negligence.

There are only four (4) ways to avail.

  1. Complete the enrolment form and submit it together with premium payment through online payment.
  2. Coverage is effective 14 working days upon receipt of the relevant documents and payment.
  3. Policy will be prepared and emailed to the employers within 14 working days upon payment is made.
  4. Copy of valid passport of the employee or maid.

You will receive an email confirmation slip.

There are three (3) steps In the event of an accident to the insured maid:

  1. Report the accident immediately to Zurich.
  2. Submit the necessary information to Zurich as soon as possible.
  3. Complete and return to Zurich the Domestic housekeeper insurance Scheme Claim form, which can be obtained from any Zurich branches, together with necessary claim documents as required.

For any employer hiring a foreign domestic helper for the first time, buying housekeeper insurance through a maid agency is the easiest solution. However, the insurance scheme recommended by the agency may not always be the best one for you.

The annual housekeeper insurance coverage starts within 14 working days from the date of the payment is successful including public holidays and weekends.

You only have to pay the premium plan that you have chosen excluding the 6% SST and stamp duty. No other hidden charges.

You only pay for a premium of as low as RM 80.00 for two (2) years.

housekeeper insurance is offered to all foreign maids with good health conditions. The foreign maid must be legally employed to engage in private household activities and work

You are able to cancel your insurance policy within 14 working days with no penalty charges incurred.

14 days from date of payment, annual insurance policy will be issued and e-mailed to you. You will receive soft copy.

Yes, as Senang have the rights to reject your proposal in the first 14 days if the underwriting information is not satisfied. You will be notified via an official e-mail within 7 working days from the date of payment in event the insurance is not approved by insurance company. Payment will be refunded within 7 working days from date of email notification

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